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From The Desk Of:  Ben Souchek

Subject:  How To Avoid Low Ball Offers For Your House From Cash Home Buyers
Dear Friend,

Are you currently thinking about selling your house, and trying to determine if one of those "cash home buyers" or "we buy houses guys" might be the right option for you?

Are you asking yourself questions like.....

How do I know if these guys are "real"?

How do I know if they can actually buy my house for cash and close when I want them to?

How do I know they will pay a fair price and NOT Low Ball Me?

Are you thinking......
How Can I Sell My House For A Fair Price.....
And NOT Let Someone Steal My House?

I Can Help !!

How Would You Like A 20+ Year Real Estate "Insider"
Show How You Can Sell Your House, Fast, For Cash...
And Avoid Low Ball Offers ?
My name is Ben Souchek, and I'm the owner and CEO of The Sierra Group, LLC Pro Home Buyers.

I created The Sierra Group, LLC, over 20 years ago. My company has purchased hundreds of houses direct from sellers, and assisted hundreds of other home owners with a traditional sale of their house.

I am a veteran and a licensed real estate agent.
If you want to sell your house without hassles, without stress, and sell on the date of your choice, and want a fair price for your house, then this may be the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why.....
...In Today's Real Estate Market, There Are A Lot Of "Investors," "Cash Home Buyers," & "Wholesalers"
Who Are Not "REAL" !
Unfortunately, with the current real estate market, combined with today's technology, the "barrier of entry" for someone to say they are a "cash home buyer" is VERY low.

Today, someone is able to easily create a web site, put an ad online, and make it look like they are a home buying company.

However, as more and more home sellers are finding out, there is a big difference between a "real" home buying company, and someone... or company... that just looks like or says they are.

An Entire Industry Plotting & Scheming AGAINST Home Sellers
Can I let you in on a not so little secret?

Right now, there's an entire industry that teaches new and experienced "investors" how to "buy houses."

Some of these teaching methods aren't so beneficial, especially for you, the home owner and seller.

There are even groups of "investors" that do nothing but plot and scheme how to buy your house for the least possible amount they can without any consideration as to what's best for you, the seller.

There are groups of "investors" that are so bold in their scheming that they even refer to themselves as "cartels" !!  

They discuss how to threaten sellers that have signed an agreement to sell their house to one of these companies, not knowing what these companies were doing with their property, and then change their mind about doing business with the company.

They don't care about you, the home owner / seller.  Their only concern is how many deals they can do and how much money they can make!  They want to brag to their buddies how great they are!

A Need For...
Stop Low Ball Offers Insiders Secrets
I've watched for years and years, how someone that is good at "buying houses," also then starts to "teach" others about how easy and lucrative it is to buy houses.  They become the "guru."

I've never had a desire to become a real estate "guru."

For 20+ years, I've always tried to figure out how I could provide a better service, and serve home sellers, like you, as well as I possibly could.

Don't get me wrong, you and I both understand that I run a business, and part of that business is that I intend to make a profit (at least my wife hopes I do!).  But, I believe there is a way to run a business in such a way as to provide win-win solutions.  

In fact, over the years, I have had numerous sellers tell me that they possibly could have "netted" more money by putting their house on the market, but my BENEFITS were of value to them, which was the reason they sold their house to my company.

Because of this, I wanted to provide the information you, the home owner/seller need, to easily identify a "good" cash home buyer from one of those "wholesalers" or other "thieves" that call themselves cash home buyers.

I Want To Be On YOUR Side... Not The "Wholesaler" or "Investor"

What You Receive 

When you purchase the Stop Low Ball Offers Insiders Secrets....

You'll receive a simple but powerful program (and my team's personal assistance) to ensure that you are working with a "real" cash home buyer that will provide you with a fair cash offer for your house.

And, I guarantee, this will be...
The Best $97 $27 You Could Ever Spend!
Here's Just the Tip of the Iceberg of What You Will Receive......
* Know the 3 Simple Questions to ask a potential home buyer to know if they are "real."

* Understand how most home buying companies prepare their offers for your house

* Understand the multiple ways you can sell your house and the benefits of each

* You'll have the peace of mind knowing that you are in CONTROL of the sale of your house.
Negotiating The Sale Of Your House With A Professionally Trained "Investor" or "Wholesaler" Is Like
Going To A Gun Fight With A Pocket Knife!

Here's What To Do Next 

Step 1:  Click the "I Want To Stop Low Ball Offers" button anywhere on this page

Step 2:  Enter your information

Step 3:  We'll send you the Insider's Secrets and access to the Stop Low Ball Offers member's area

That's it.  Its really that simple!

So click the button below to join the Insider's Secrets to ensure your fair cash offer if you want to sell your house "as is," fast, for cash.

Time Is Of The Essence
You won't be able to access this insider information forever...
There is such a demand for this exclusive information, that I am thinking of increasing the price to at least $197 or more in the very near future, which is still dirt cheap when you consider the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a home seller could lose, if you work with the wrong home buyer.

So, don't let this opportunity pass you by...
..... in fact, just recently I spoke to a home seller that was involved with an unscrupulous wholesaler...

I was contacted by the seller that wanted to sell their house.  She and her husband had already moved out of the house.

They saw an online ad, and contacted a company that said they could BUY their house.  The company made them an offer, that seemed to be an almost too good to be true offer, without actually seeing and inspecting their house.  The company did ask the owners to send them pictures of the house.  

The sellers did sign an agreement to sell the house to the supposed buyers that were supposed to close within 30 days.  The buyers also wanted to have access to the house so that their "local contractors" could see the house.

The "buyers" also used the pictures the sellers sent them to then put the house "on the market" on the local multiple listing service to try to find a real buyer, without telling the seller.

After a few weeks, the buyers called the sellers to let them know they were going to have to reduce the price of the house (substantially) if they wanted to sell the house.  

Since the buyers had no "skin in the game" they made a big promise up front that they were not able to back up, when they were not able to find another "real" buyer to sell their contract to.

There are local and nationwide companies that operate like this.  They say the right things to get a contract on a house, and then try to do whatever they can to find a real buyer that can actually close on the house, and make their money by "flipping" the contract.  This is not in the best interest of most home sellers.

Don't Let This Happen To You!

My Unconditional Guarantee

I'm so confident in the results that the Stop Low Ball Offers Insider Secrets will provide, that I'm willing to stick my neck out here today.

When you get your Stop Low Ball Offers Insider Secrets today, I will completely guarantee your investment.

If you don't think you receive at least Ten times the value from the Secrets and Consultation, I will fully refund your purchase, no questions asked!

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Check Out What Others Are Saying About Ben Souchek 
& My Real Estate Solutions Assistance

"If you are selling or buying a home this is the company to work with.  After my husband passed they helped me to sell my house.  They will work with you.  They are fair, understandingn and helpful.  You won't find anyone who does this awesome of a job for you. Best ever!!!"
***** - Keri K.

* * * * *

"It is with a great deal of peace of mind that I write this note of thanks to The Sierra Group.  While searching for a viable option for my other's home, I spoke with you and knew right then that I had found my answer.  This flawless process of selling the home and the guidance provided by you and your team is greatly appreciated.  I just wanted to say thank you for being there as we turn this page in our lives."
Overland Park, KS  home seller

* * * * *

"Thanks to you and your organization for a smooth business transaction.  You made me feel very comfortable."
Walt K.

* * * * *

"As we embark on a new phase in our lives, we have Ben and The Sierra Group to thank for this blessing.  We have sold three homes and have never been treated with such an informative and caring way as Ben exudes.  He saved us so much grief (going through regular real estate procedures).  Ben's way and the highway was the best way."
Gordon H.
"Since my father moved to Arizona, suffers from health issues, and all us kids live out of state, we needed to get Dad's house sold quickly and efficiently.  Although we tried the conventional agent, understanding our circumstances, we were referred to Ben Souchek at The Sierra Group.  My siblings, my father, and I are so thankful for this referral.  We appreciated Ben's professionalism, understanding, honesty, and fair offer.  Sometimes "as is" is definitely a good thing.  So much weight off our shoulders.  If conventional real estate buying/selling doesn't work for you, we highly recommend Ben Souchek ......."
***** - Betty F.

* * * * *

"I want to take this time to let you know I appreciate all your help in the selling of my Mother's House.
You were always very business like. You were easy to talk to & explained how the selling would work.  My phone calls were always returned if you were not available when I called.  And you always keep in touch and followed thru, with appointments & meetings.  I would recommend you and your "Sierra Group" to others."
Trithena C.

* * * * *

"Everything and everyone we had contact with was very professional and friendly and had lots of knowledge in what they were doing."
Andrew L.

* * * * *

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and Thanks for the honest effort that you and your company gave during the process of the purchase and sale of my home this year.  I was very impressed with how easy and quickly you helped me to sell my property Ben and just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond throughout the selling process.  You were very helpful and informative and made this experience very comfortable.  I would be more than willing to refer your services to anyone that is in the market to sell or buy a home.  Thanks again Ben for everything!"
Jeff F.
"Top notch company.  They are awesome people.  They made things very easy, stress free, very honest.  They are the company to deal with if you are selling your home and we would do it again in a heartbeat and not think twice about it."
***** - Chris E.
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